The Pathshala interactive educational software was conceived, designed and produced by Aurina Education Systems for junior and senior KG children studying in the Gujarati medium. These CDs contain tons of activities meant to make learning easy and full of fun for your 3-6 year old. Your child will learn to use letters, words and numbers, do simple addition, and recognise shapes and colours. She will learn to identify and name common objects, parts of the body, things at home, things at school, vegetables, fruits, flowers, relatives, festivals, objects in the sky and more. The CDs are the result of hours of painstaking efforts by our team of experts, resulting in many features unique to Pathshala.

My child does not live in Gujarat, nor does she go to a Gujarati medium school. Why should I use Pathshala software for her?
Living outside Gujarat means special problems for parents and children. As a caring parent, you would like your child to learn about the culture and traditions that have helped to make you what you are. You want your child to fit into her local environment, but, at the same time, you want her to be comfortable when you visit your home. Pathshala software has been designed to suit Gujarati culture; by using it, your child will become more familiar with the Gujarati way of life. The software can also be the first step to learn the Gujarati language.

Is my child not too young to use a computer?
Care has been taken to ensure that the motor skills required to operate the CDs are within your child's abilities. For example, young children find it difficult to "drag" a mouse - none of our activities requires your child to do so. No knowledge of the keyboard is required for using Pathshala.
What is special about the way topics are dealt with in Pathshala?
All the topics have activities that encourage children to explore, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, succeed and most important - to enjoy the learning process. This feature is possible because there is a precise balance of educational content and entertainment value. Pathshala activities have been carefully selected to be full of fun while educating the child. To achieve this, amusing animal characters, game environments, state-of-the-art graphics and music have been made part of the activities.
Will my child be tested on what she has learnt? Will my child be encouraged to do better?
Generally, topics have been designed to include the following.
" Learning module
" Testing module
" Play module
All the testing activities of the CDs end with a reward. Testing is done in such a way that your child will enjoy being tested and will be motivated to do better.
The performance of your child is monitored during testing. At the end of each session, the child is allowed to see and print a certificate showing individual activity performance and the overall performance.
If you have downloaded the demo software or have used our software, we would appreciate your feedback. Your comments would be invaluable in designing further releases of the software.
CD 1.1
CD 1.2
CD 1.3
CD 1.4
Recognizing Consonants
Recognizing Numbers 1-10
Parts of the Body
Our relatives
Recognizing Vowels
Number Sequence
Names of Animals
Our Helpers
Sequence of Consonants
Matching Numbers with Objects
Names of birds
Days of the Week
Sequence of Vowels
Recognizing Numbers 1-100
Names of Fruits
Places of Worship
Matching Pictures with Vowels and Consonants
Simple Addition
Names of Vegetables
Objects in the Sky
Creating Simple Words
Subtraction Demo
Names of Flowers
Things at Home
Recognizing Animal Sounds
Recognizing Shapes
Names of Vehicles
Things at School
Recognizing Sounds of Things around us
Our Festival
Nursery Rhymes and Stories


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